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Outside Magdalena Bay are some of the world’s richest and most prolific fishing grounds. The banks and ridges here offer unspoiled waters that are a joy for keen fishermen and women from all around the world. Here at Magdalena Sport Fishing, we’re proud to provide fantastic charters to enable you to reach these spectacular fishing grounds.

During the season, you can expect encounters on a daily basis with huge feeder schools, and we are able to target a wide range of pelagic species including striped marlin, dorado, tuna, wahoo, rooster fish to suit your preferences.

The main sardine predators like striped marlin, whales, and sea lions work together to corner the sardine bait balls, pushing them up towards the surface where they can then be reached by the seabirds like seagulls, pelicans, and earwigs that attack from the air, launching onto the sardines like rockets as they catch their prey.

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It’s the opportunity to play a part in this amazing food chain that makes the offshore fishing charters we offer here at Magdalena Sport Fishing such an exciting experience.

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The Ridge

The 35-mile long Ridge is a seamount northwest of Mag Bay, featuring six high spots that create an exceptionally structured and varied bottom. These areas include Thetis Bank, Pistol - 38 Bank, Fathom - 23 Bank, Juggs Bank, 13 Bank, and Uncle Sam Bank.

Top spots for offshore fishing for marlin, yellowtail, and dorado include The Ridge, 23 Fathom Spot, and Pistol 38, while abundant populations of wahoo and tuna are most commonly found at Thetis Bank. The Ridge’s steep drop-off makes it a prime feeding ground, with large predators present year-round. However, the late summer to fall season is the best time to visit, as virtually every species of sportfish can be found during this period.

The main fishing zone for marlin stretches between the northern point of Uncle Sam Bank down to a point just south of Punta Tosca. The fishery will always be driven by where the bait is present, so Thetis Bank will be the area of choice if the sardines are still to the north.

La Entrada or the entry to the Bay is the target area when the bait fish are in the bay’s central area, while when they’re to the south, the best fishing is found around the Punta Tasco and Santa Margarita Island area.

Target And Catch
Multiple Species

One of the reasons why the Magdalena Bay area is becoming so popular with keen fishermen and women everywhere is because of the enormous variety of species you can find in these unique waters. On an offshore fishing trip here, you can target and catch several different species every day, something that would be challenging or impossible in most other locations.

If you want, you can focus on hooking Marlin into the double digits – after all, the record currently stands at over 300 in a day! But if you want a bit more variety, we can help you find the perfect spots to vary your catch. Each of the offshore banks holds wahoo and tuna, and with our expert guidance, you can often catch up to four species in a single trip.

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snorkeling in magbay


Your offshore fishing adventure extends to underwater exploration too. We recommend that you bring along your snorkeling equipment, as you’ll have time during your trip to snorkel and see first-hand just how impressive the sea life in this part of the world is.

You’ll be able to witness up close how the large schools of marlins and other pelagic life create huge feeding frenzies in the waters here.

We also suggest that you bring along your Go-Pro camera too – you’re sure to want to preserve the amazing sights you experience here for a lifetime. You’ll be able to capture some fantastic shots that simply can’t be replicated anywhere else.

Whales, Seals,
And Sealions

Not only is Magdalena Bay famous for having the biggest aggregation of striped marlin anywhere worldwide, it’s also home to numerous other species that are attracted by the enormous bait balls. In season, you can spot sealions, seals, and whales here too, hunting and feeding in these waters.

The Pacific and Gulf of California are both key habitats for gray whales who come to this area in their thousands. Having the opportunity to spot gray whales in the wild offshore at Magdalena is sure to be a highlight of any trip. The mother whales begin to arrive during late December so they can give birth to their calves and nurture them before heading north in late spring.

If you’re lucky, they may even come close to the boat so you can have a more personal encounter – an amazing addition to any fishing trip!

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Choose From 1 Of Our Top
4 Offshore Fishing Packages Or Build Your Own
(All prices are based on double lodging occupancy)

We offer four carefully designed packages to help you maximize your time in the Mag Bay area. Whether you only have a day to experience the thrill of fishing The Ridge or are looking for a more extended trip to immerse yourself completely in the joy of offshore fishing, we have the perfect package to suit your needs and preferences. Enjoy the best of Mag Bay with our expertly curated offshore fishing experiences.


4 Anglers // $ 2,540.00 USD

5 Anglers // $ 3,048.00 USD

6 Anglers // $3,556.00 USD

  • Self-arrival – Secure parking lot
  • 1 Day Offshore Fishing
  • Up to 10 hrs Offshore fishing
  • Pre-pack lunch & cold beverages to-go
  • All fishing gear
  • Clean & Bag Fish


4 Anglers // $ 5,500.00 USD

5 Anglers // $ 6,726.00 USD

6 Anglers // $ 7,742.00USD

  • Round Trip Private Transportation
  • 2 Days Offshore Fishing
  • Up to 10 hrs Offshore fishing
  • 3 Nights @ Hotel Isabela’s B&B
  • Hot b-fast, pre-pack lunch & cold beverage to-go
  • All fishing gear
  • Clean, vacuum seal & freeze fish


4 Anglers // $ 8,815.00 USD

5 Anglers // $ 10,774.00 USD

6 Anglers // $ 12,323.00 USD

  • Round Trip Transportation
  • 3 Days Offshore Fishing
  • Up to 10 hrs Offshore fishing
  • 5 Nights @ Hotel Isabela’s B&B
  • Hot b-fast, pre-pack lunch & cold beverage to-go
  • All fishing gear
  • Clean, vacuum seal & freeze fish


2 Anglers // $ 1,600.00 USD

3 Anglers // $ 1,920.00 USD

4 Anglers // $ 2,240.00 USD

  • Self-arrival – Secure parking lot
  • 1 Day Offshore Fishing
  • All fishing gear
  • Pre-pack lunch & cold beverages to-go
  • Up to 10hrs – Offshore fishing
  • Clean, vacuum seal & freeze fish

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