Magdalena Bay Fly Fishing

If you're looking for an awesome fly fishing experience in Magdalena Bay, you won't be disappointed. As second generation fishers, we already have an established number of fishing charters available for those looking to hook a big one in Mag Bay with family and friends for a perfect adventure on the water.

Now we're branching out and casting our reach even further with the addition of fly fishing to our expeditions. As a relatively new development for us, we know exactly where to find the fish – knowing the area like the back of our hands - and can direct fellow fishermen to the right locations teaming with incredible water life.

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Why Magdalena Bay Is Perfect For Fly Fishing

Situated in Baja California, Mexico, Magdalena Bay is ideally situated for sports fishing and fly fishing as well as whale watching. The bay is approximately 50km long, the size of San Francisco bay, and it is protected from the rough ocean thanks to barrier islands.

This sheltered location is ideal for fly fishing, and there are numerous locations to fish: inshore, offshore and the many miles of mangroves which provide a rich habitat for numerous species. We understand that these tidal estuaries are the best location for finding fish year round, and with our local expert guides by your side you're always sure to land a decent catch.

The reason Magdalena Bay is so great for fishing comes from its geographical location – the cold Californian waters meet with the warmer waters from Mexico's western coastline. This creates a large amount of krill and plankton, which in turn draws fish of all species in their millions, ideal for any keen fly fisher.

What Can I Catch When Fly Fishing In Magdalena Bay?

Whether you're fishing the mangroves or in the open Pacific, you are bound to encounter many varieties of fish. Of course, this depends on what time of the year you visit, but you can expect to find the following when you fly fish in Magdalena Bay with our expert guidance:



Where Can I Fly Fish In Magdalena Bay?

You're really spoiled for choice when you choose to fly fish in Magdalena Bay. You have the option of taking to one of the many beaches for inshore fly fishing, jumping in a boat and heading out towards the horizon for exciting offshore fly fishing or staying closer to the shore and wading through the pristine mangroves. Let's take a look at these three options.

Inshore Fly Fishing

Whether you choose to take your fly rod to the beautiful beaches on Isla Margarita or stay towards the rocky shoreline and wetland estuaries, we have so many different inshore fly fishing locations we can guide you to. There is the Bay of Clams, or more to the west you can find Santa Maria Bay, but wherever you land we can guarantee you'll be able to land something interesting when inshore fly fishing. Let's not forget the islands which offer an amazing opportunity to fish in a beautiful location.

Offshore Fly Fishing

With continual good weather on the Magdalena Bay, you can benefit from offshore fly fishing just about any day of the year. Whether you prefer to stay within the bay itself or head out past the islands, you'll discover some of the best fly fishing of your life, with world-class fish just waiting to be hooked. Marlin , Dorado & Tuna gather here in huge numbers towards the end of the year as they chase the sardine balls that form here.

Mangrove Fly Fishing

Choose from nearly 100 miles of mangrove forest here at Magdalena Bay for an awesome fly fishing experience close to shore. You'll find snook and snapper as they dart in and out of the tangled root systems, and all can be caught using light tackle. We're best placed to guide you here as we understand the tidal systems to give you the best chance to hook something you really want, and have an experience like nowhere else in the world.

Capitan Crispin ( El #1 ) Mendoza is waiting to enjoy their catch of the day with long-time customers who have become best friends.

Why Choose Us?

When you choose us as your fly fishing partners in Magdalena Bay, you'll receive an expert local knowledge of the area that can't be matched. We're here to fulfil your exact requirements and wishes for your fly fishing vacation, and we take pleasure in helping those just starting out as well as experts in fly fishing.

So many of our valued fellow fishermen friends come back to us every year as they know we can deliver exactly what they're looking for – a friendly face and good times all round on the Magdalena Bay. We also offer accommodation to complete your experience, so no matter whether you want to stay for a weekend or a full week, we can make it a reality.